A Beautiful Sight

10 Jul

    Our home is adjacent to this beautiful stake center in Kobe. It’s a bit smaller than what we’re used to at home, but all the activities are the same: Primary, YM/YW, Relief Society,etc.  But on Wednesday nights the stake center hosts Eikaiwa (english classes).          



We have the most beautiful view from our bedroom window.  The first night we turned off the lights to see the stunning steeple of the church. It remains lit all night. This is what I get to see when I lay down at night.  This is what I get to see every time I awaken in the night.  This is what I get to see first thing in the morning.  I feel blessed.


One Response to “A Beautiful Sight”

  1. Sandra Munro July 11, 2011 at 5:32 am #

    Sister Zinke, I don’t want to take your time when I know you must be very busy, but I did want to say, thank you for the blog, and more especially, thank you for your service there in Japan. One of our sons, Elder B. Munro, began his mission in Japan there this last week. I know you’ll be looking out for him along with all the other missionaries, and I’m sure you might imagine how grateful we are for that care. Ben is one of the lights of our lives. We love him very much. Thank you for everything you are doing! I hope this is a wonderful time for your family too.
    Kindest regards, Sandra Munro

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