Last Week of Interviews

13 Aug

Our third week of interviews began in Osaka with the Osaka Zone.

Our next stop for interviews was with the Osaka North Zone.

We had the privilege of attending a beautiful piano concert put on by a Professor of Music from BYU Hawaii that evening in this building.  I wish you could have seen these brothers as they tidied up.  In this picture they are putting out a poster to advertise for the concert.  They pulled from the Christmas decorations in the  building to decorate.   It may be hard to see but they put a bunch of holly under the poster and blue tinsel around it.   It was such fun as it seemed a bit backwards to me.  Their wives were visiting inside while they were decorating!  I was grateful for their attention to detail!  Just a note:  The one brother doing the decorating is one of the architects of the Fukuoka Temple.

We finished our interviews this week in Kobe with the Kobe and Akashi Zones.  We loved being in the mission office as we visited and got to know these missionaries better.  I must get better at picture taking as I wasn’t able to get pictures of both zones with the tight schedule that day!

These past three weeks have been such a joy.  We have come to love each and every missionary as we have listened to sweet testimonies and miracles in their lives.  Oh we are grateful for them!


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