Ramen in Yonago

16 Aug

While in Yonago for interviews we were able to have lunch at a wonderful new Ramen shop.  The Zone leaders typically pick where we go to eat.  This particular day they told us of a new Ramen restaurant that some members had recently opened.  We were, of course, excited for the opportunity to not only have wonderful ramen but also support the members there.

The food was absolutely delicious and the company, of course, was delightful!

We recognized the music playing as from a Young Women CD.  A drawing of the owner’s family and the temple was on the cover of the menu.  This same drawing was painted on the outside wall of the building.

Notice the picture of the temple at the top of the rainbow?  What a way to do missionary work!  I am sure that they will be asked about the picture.  We enjoyed ourselves and were happy to meet these wonderful church members.  We would gladly recommend this little ramen restaurant.


One Response to “Ramen in Yonago”

  1. Cara Smith August 16, 2011 at 11:03 am #

    That Ramen looks absolutely delicious! We love seeing where you’ve been, what you are doing, and all the wonderful missionaries you tell us about. I love this family’s eagerness to share the message of eternal families without fear or reservations about how it will impact business. What strong, faithful members! Love you Mom!

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