EFY Japan

8 Sep

For the first time ever EFY (Especially For Youth) has come to Japan.  It was a huge production.  There were two locations.  We were asked to speak at a session in Kyoto which is in our mission where 1000 youth were in attendance.  There was also a session in Tokyo with about 600 youth in attendance.

We expect to see a surge in missionaries from Japan about a year from now.  A year after the first EFY was held in Korea the number of Korean young men serving missions nearly doubled we were told.  We can’t wait!!

The venue was beautiful!  It was The Kyoto International Conference Center.  Colleges and universities in Japan are not available for events like EFY because most are holding classes throughout the summer.

This is the hall we spoke in.  It was full of wonderful Japanese youth.

After the morning session where everyone was together where we spoke, they separated into classes.  We had the opportunity to meet many of them.

President and Sister Isa (past President of the Hiroshima mission) were the directors of EFY.  Sister Isa is to my left in the picture.

We were given a beautiful bento box lunch.  The “juice box” contains mugi-cha (wheat tea).  Traditionally, these box lunches were served in wooden boxes.  This one is styrofoam!

The two elders here are the assistants to the president.  They have traveled everywhere with us for the first month or so.  We would have been lost and never found without them.  The mission van has a navigation system in it but it speaks Japanese and is all kanji.  On top of that Japanese streets don’t have names.  It’s amazing that anyone can get around, but these two have kept us out of trouble.

Having a major event like EFY in Japan is a major step in the church’s growth.  It has been looked forward to for many years.  It took a tremendous effort and commitment by the church leaders here to make it happen, but it seems to have exceeded everyone’s expectations.  What a blessing it was to everyone involved.  We were glad to have been a small part of it.


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  1. Bill September 9, 2011 at 6:37 pm #

    What’s EFY ?

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