Zone Conferences August 2011

14 Sep

Our first round of zone conferences is over.  Lots of training, singing, testifying and teaching.  We loved seeing all of the missionaries again!  Our first stop was Takamatsu.

The members usually fix lunch for us.  When we arrived in the cultural hall the members were so excited for the President and me to come for a special presentation.  They told us to pull on this long ribbon.  All of a sudden confetti falls from this box on the ceiling and ribbons just start rolling down.  What a beautiful homemade party box!  It is hard to see in the picture how neat it really was.  It just kept coming and coming and coming!  Thank you saints of the Takamatsu Branch for such a warm welcome!

Look at this beautiful table and food.  We feel so blessed and loved by all.

Look at these “banana splits”.  Bananas with whipping cream and chocolate syrup drizzled over the top.  They were beautiful to look at and yummy to eat.  They were really so good that you didn’t even miss the ice cream.  Try them at home!  (Bananas here are about $1.00 each.)

Do you notice that there are no elders around the table yet?  They are so polite and allow the sisters to fill their plates first.

When everyone doesn’t turn in their apartment checklist the Zone leaders have to do double the push-ups that the President does.  President did 50 push-ups so these elders were having to do 100.  All on a full stomach and in a shirt and tie!  As you can see,  one elder crashed near the end.

Everyone loves getting together for meetings.  Lots of renewing friendships and sharing ideas and experiences.

On our way home we passed a ferris wheel that we have passed many times before.  But for some reason it was unusually beautiful this night.  Maybe the sky was more clear or something.  It is located near the water.  If you look closely you can see the bridge that connects Awajii Island and Honshu.

The next day several zones came to Kobe for Zone Conference.  We always love having the missionaries come “home”.  During lunch we usually sing to those who have had birthdays since we last met.

These Zone leaders chose to do a silly dance instead of push ups for their zones not getting their apartment checklists turned in.

The next day of conferences was held at the Ibaraki building in Osaka.  What a beautiful building.

In the foyer of this building hangs a beautiful mosaic of the Savior.  It is very hard to see the detail in this artwork that must have taken hundreds of hours to complete.  I hope you get a little idea of it’s beauty from the close up picture.

Zone leaders instructing their zones.

Typically the missionaries sing to the members that have prepared the meal for them.  This day they sang “The Army of Helaman” to these wonderful sisters.  Everyone usually gets pretty emotional.  We were so very grateful to them.

The group picture that doesn’t alway get taken!  We were so glad we were able to get at least one of the groups together!

We are grateful for the opportunity to gather together as missionaries in the Japan Kobe Mission.  These are such hard working missionaries and we love them so very much!


One Response to “Zone Conferences August 2011”

  1. Jane Moser September 14, 2011 at 7:55 pm #

    Thank you for all your posts and pictures. It is so fun to see what you are doing and how well everyone is doing. I love your narratives. It sounds like the spirituality is definitely there, but so is the fun. Go President Zinke – 50 push ups in a suit on a full stomach – I’m impressed!

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