Our New Group

26 Nov

Two weeks ago a new group of nine bright-eyed missionaries arrived from the MTC.   Early the next morning they all headed to the park with the Kobe elders and  sisters for some ultimate frisbee.  The balance of the day was spent in training.

After lunch they got their first taste of “streeting” as they worked their way back to the mission office for interviews.  They all came back full of enthusiasm and excitement.

While waiting for their interview with the President they had the opportunity to sign our “True Disciple” quilt.  We feel it an honor to have each one of their signatures on our mission quilt.

Our next morning began with a hike up Rokko mountain behind the mission home.  The view of Kobe is beautiful.  I think they began to get a sense of really how many people live within the boundaries of this mission (31,000,000 people in the Japan Kobe Mission).  There are so many sheep to find!

After a morning of training they finally got to meet their trainers.  Don’t they look great together!

Their luggage and bicycles get shipped by trucking company.  The missionaries travel either by train or bus.

We truly are grateful for our missionaries.  What a wonderful week!


One Response to “Our New Group”

  1. Dallas Meyers December 4, 2011 at 5:25 pm #

    I so want to thank you for this post! I only just connected to your blog and it is a great comfort and joy to me to see the wonderful missionaries and members of the Church in the Japan Kobe mission. This post includes some pictures of our son, Elder Joseph Meyers, who arrived in the mission about a month ago. How wonderful to see him in the context of the work he has been called to do! We pray daily for President and Sister Zinke, and all the missionaries in the mission. We love you all and look forward to the day when we will meet in person.
    –The Meyers family

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