Branch and District Conferences

3 Dec

We have had the opportunity of attending several branch and district conferences.  What a pleasure this is for us!   The saints are so warm and welcoming… how grateful we are for them.   Food is definitely a plenty!

Here I am with the Fukuchiyama Branch and members of the district.  (President was in a meeting.)

The sisters sang “I Believe in Christ” during sacrament meeting.  I love how they put so much thought and care into what they do.   Notice their handmade red corsages.   It was so very beautiful.  The two tiny sisters in the front are in their 90’s.  The one on the right with the glasses is the Relief Society President.  What a little go-getter!

There is always a “shokujikai” or potluck lunch after the meeting.  We are so well cared for.  The food is always plentiful!  In this next picture you will notice some flowers at the bottom.  That is the table that was beautifully set for us.   They so want to please us.  We are truly grateful for their love.

Here we are with the Branch President, his wife and the Relief Society President.

This next conference was held in Uwajima on the Island of Shikoku.  It is about a 6 hour car drive from the mission home.  The building is beautiful.  We stepped into a genkan (entry/foyer area used to remove shoes) where there were new slippers waiting for us.  This is the only building so far that we have come into where we have removed our shoes.  They had prepared for this day.  There were beautiful new hymn books.  The spirit was so sweet.

This sweet young woman just cried on my shoulder and clung to me.  I hope that I was able to help her in some small way.

President having some fun with the boys.  Can you tell that he is missing his grandchildren!?

Aren’t these beautiful young women!

Our wonderful missionaries!

I am always so embarrassed at the love and attention that they give us.  We left that day with a bag of micans (oranges) and bento boxes (box lunches) for our drive home.  No one would leave the church until we did.  They all waited to wave good-bye as we drove away.  It was very touching.  What wonderful saints on the far tip of Shikoku.

Fukuchiyama District Conference was a very special day.   A young man (in the wheelchair) was called to serve in our mission and three of the Lord’s elect were baptized.  What a wonderful group of saints.

The missionaries serving in this district.  Aren’t they beautiful!

As always a delicious meal was prepared for us.

These sisters so lovingly prepared the meal.

While attending the Takamatsu District Conference we met this young woman who had been baptized in Marugame just a couple of months ago.  Her mother (wearing the hat) is planning on being baptized on Christmas Day.

Our missionaries serving in the Takamatsu District.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to meet so many wonderful saints within our mission.  We are grateful for their dedication to the Lord and His work.  We are grateful that they love the missionaries, and we are truly grateful to be serving along side these wonderful missionaries in this Japan Kobe Mission.


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