December in Kobe

15 Jan

December was a wonderful month in the mission.  Along with our visit to Akashi for a Missionary Fireside (see post) and the Kobe Luminarie (see post) – here is a little taste of what were were doing!

We found this beautiful Christmas tree on our travels in November to Takamatsu.  What a nice way to begin the Christmas season.

One preparation day the missionaries in Kobe came to decorate the mission home.  Lights covered the bushes outside while beautiful decorations filled the inside.  We were grateful for the help of so many!

The missionaries took a little break from putting up lights to sing Christmas carols!

Our son Kevin arrived from Arizona where he is on break from law school at University of Arizona.  We were so happy to see him!

We attended a wonderful ward in Kawachinagano for a missionary sacrament meeting and fireside.  We were so impressed with the saints there.  The ward has so many young single adults either just home from missions or on their way to serving missions.  We felt so grateful that day.

President ran into a missionary from his mission 40 years ago.  He lives in this ward!  What a wonderful surprise!

We attended baptisms.  We love it when we can make it to a baptism somewhere.  We wish that we could make it to all of the baptisms in the mission.

One of the baptisms that we attended was in the Yonago ward.  Yonago is northwest from Kobe and is located on the Sea of Japan.  Snow was falling up over the mountain.  Here is a picture of the new freshly fallen snow on the pine trees.  (I know it isn’t a very pretty picture…but it was so beautiful!)

This quilt of the Christmas nativity hangs in the foyer of this church building.  I just couldn’t take my eyes off of it.  What a beautiful reminder of the season and what this work is all about.

Christmas Eve with the missionaries, Sister Ise and the Priddiis Family.  They had children and grandchildren come to visit from China.  How lucky they were!  We were grateful to be surrounded by so many wonderful people that night.

What a special time of year.  We are grateful for the many greetings of love that were sent our way.  Thank you all for your love, support and prayers in behalf of the Japan Kobe Mission.  (I will post pictures from our Christmas Conferences soon!)


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