Some Fun Stuff!

6 Mar

As we travel around we see such fun things.  Here are just a few that we have found.  This is the elevator in the Kansai Airport.  As you can see there are stickers warning what might happen if you get your fingers caught in the door.

Here is a close up view!  Ouch!!

Yamada is a large electronics store.  Look at the sign on the front  – “For your Just”.

We have passed this large building in Osaka many times.  I don’t know what kind of business it is but it just warms my heart every time we drive by.  A family!  And they look so happy!

This was on the side of a truck that we passed on the road.  It says that the truck is powered by solar energy.  Fun huh!

And this truck owner is concerned with “Safety and Ecorogy”.  “R’s” are used in place of “L’s” many times.  The hair salon that I visit is called the Mona Risa.

There are so many buildings that are very narrow.  Look at the width of this restaurant!

I thought you might like to see a couple of wedding invitations that were posted in the church.  Aren’t they cute!  So animated!!

This sculpture stands in front of the Yonago train station.  Isn’t it great!

A little closer view.

And finally, a notebook that I sent to my parents.  I had to get it because their little doggie looks just like this little one!  But that is not what I am pointing out to you.  It is the saying at the bottom of the cover.  It reads “Quality time nurtures grace and beauty.  I depart with my full bag of time.  Experiencing deliciousness made me a slave to taste.  We provide a first-class taste brought directly from the earth.”  Don’t you just love it!!

We just giggle at the usage of English.  We were given a gift of peanut candy from a sister visiting from an area near Tokyo that is known for it’s peanuts.  The description on the box of Peanut Florentin (spelling on the box) reads “They are the decent sweets which shut up the fragrance of a peanut”.

I wish I could capture pictures of all of the fun signs and ways English is used here.  But for now I hope you enjoy this little taste!


One Response to “Some Fun Stuff!”

  1. Bill March 6, 2012 at 2:59 pm #

    Love the train sculpture……………………and I have always made it a point to avoid elevators that have crabs inside of them !

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