Senior Missionaries Coming and Going!

8 Mar

One of our senior missionary couples has gone home – the Shimadas.  Oh, how we will miss them!  They have served tirelessly and we are so very grateful for their example to us.  This was their third mission here in Japan – and they said they hope that they will be able to serve another!  I know that they would like to serve in all six missions in Japan!

Elder and Sister Shimada, we love you dearly and are going to miss you.  Our love is with you as you return to your home and loved ones!

Elder and Sister Shimada pictured with the Sakai Zone.  Sayonara dear Shimadas!

Elder and Sister Okada began their mission on October 31, 2011.  They have five children, come from Tokyo and are serving in Imabari and Niihama.

They are well loved!

Sister Okada had a birthday!!

The Okadas pictured with the Matsuyama Zone.

Just a few days ago on March 6, 2012 Elder and Sister Oyama joined the mission.  They are from Kumamoto and are serving in the Tottori Branch.  We are grateful to have their enthusiasm and excitement in the mission!  Elder Oyama is a world class ping pong champion.  He brought 100 ping pong balls with him!  I expect we will see some ping pong proselyting.

They were so excited to sign the True Disciple Quilt.  They are pointing to the part of the quilt that says “True Disciples One and All”.

The Oyamas ready to leave for their area of service.  I don’t think they could have squeezed another thing in their car!

How grateful we are for these couples and their desire to serve in the Japan Kobe Mission.


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