Gone But Not Forgotten

19 Mar

Another group has gone…but they will not be forgotten.  What a pleasure it was working with these dedicated missionaries.  We are so grateful for their service to the Lord.  We already miss them, but we know that they have left their mark here in the Japan Kobe Mission.

This group included a lot of Japanese missionaries.  They are a tremendous asset to our mission. We only got one new Japanese elder in this time–we could use many more.

Some are pictured here in the mission office waiting for their final interviews with the President.

Sister Sato all ready to embark out into the world again.

When missionaries leave to go home they have a custom of handing each other their meishi (business card) with farewell notes attached.  Elder Draper, Knight and Lystrup are pictured writing their meishis while waiting in the mission home.

Sisters Koide, Sato and Ilch helping with the dishes after testimony meeting.  They were so sweet.  It was late and there were still so many dishes to do so everyone pitched in to help with the clean up!

Sisters Ferris, Myagmarjav, and Holker.

Elder Nakamura’s mother and sister came to pick him up.  It was a pleasure meeting them!

Final group photos were taken.  These are friendships that will never be forgotten.

Elder Lystrup, one of President’s assistants, returned home this transfer.  He will be so very missed.

The American missionaries waiting to board the ferry to the Kansai Airport.

In the distance you can see the city of Kobe.

One final wave good-bye.  Yes, I was crying.

These missionaries returned home to Mongolia, the Phillipines, Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Michigan and all over Japan.

Thank you dear Elders and Sisters…we will miss you!


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