Sakura Season

23 Apr

Spring has arrived in Japan!   We have been looking forward to sakura (cherry blossom) season since we arrived in Kobe.  Everyone talks about it.  The blossoms appear and only last about a week.   It seemed that it peaked one day and the next they were blowing away!

These pictures were taken from our yard.

These trees line the street right next to our home.

The mission home is on the left in this picture.

This is directly across the street from the mission home.   Isn’t it beautiful!

There is a street here in Kobe that is called Sakura tunnel.  It is quite a steep hill and is so beautiful driving down – the picture really doesn’t show how pretty it is!

This group had come to see the tunnel of trees.  We see this so many times…people hiking around the city all geared up with very full backpacks!

Last week we went to Kiyomizudera Temple in Kyoto to see the festivities of sakura season.  The following are pictures of our wonderful day with the missionaries.


One Response to “Sakura Season”

  1. Pam Hadfield May 2, 2012 at 2:04 am #

    BEAUTIFUL!!! I can’t believe it almost been a year that you have been gone.
    Take care, we’ll see you in two.


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