24 May

The month of April brought travel for interviews.  We love it when this time rolls around!  It’s a time to get to visit with every missionary in the mission one-on-one.  While waiting for their turn the missionaries had a chance to mogi (practice) some of their contacting and teaching techniques. The following are a few pictures that were taken.

Elder Waterbury has lost about the same weight as Elder Minamikawa has all together!!

We always take a treat of some sort…cookies, brownies, or something like that.  The missionaries have told me how much they miss fruits and vegetables because they are so expensive in Japan, so I decided to take some vegetables with ranch dressing (special ordered).  You would not believe how excited they were!  They ate those veggies so fast and sounds of ahhh! could be heard.  One elder even offered me 10,000 yen (about $100) for the bottle of ranch dressing!!!  Who would have thought…

We decided to have a little fun with our travel – and decided to count the number of tunnels (with one of those little hand-held clicker-counters) that we drove through during the month of April. The count was 330!  Yes, that is right…330 tunnels!!  They don’t go around; they go right through the middle in Japan.

But more fun than that was getting to be with all of the missionaries – we just love interview time!


2 Responses to “Interviews”

  1. E May 24, 2012 at 12:06 pm #

    Sister Zinke sou muito grata pelo seu amor e carinho com todos os missionarios.Esse blog tambem é uma demonstraçao de carinho e amor.Tenho tido oportunidade de conversar com minhas amigas que tem filhos na missao e elas nao tem esse tipo de informaçao que voce sister dá atraves do seu blog percebo o quao somos preveligiados por nosso filho servir na missao Japao Kobe posso sentir o grande amor que voce e o presidente tem pelos missionarios atraves de seus comentarios e fotos no blog.Sei que meu filho vai ser bem cuidado.Ele ainda esta no MTC em provo mas vai para o Japao agora dia 04 de junho.Sei que logo vou receber fotos da missao onde vou poder ver meu filho ai no Japao com voces.Sou grata ao senhor por meu filho ser um missionario do senhor é uma grande honra e orgulho pra nossa familia termos o Elder Fernandes na missao.É gratificante pensar que nao tem outro lugar para ele estar do que na missao.e isso nos ajuda e consola muito como mae na hora da saudade, que por sinal é muita.Bom muito obrigada por tudo sister Zinke. Um forte abraço.

    Irma Elizabete Fernandes.

  2. Pam Hadfield May 25, 2012 at 12:28 am #

    What fun pictures. Thanks for keeping us posted on what you are doing.


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