Zone Leader Council

5 Aug

July Zone Leader Council:

Elders Pharis and Batis

Elders Osaka and Delmege

Elders Hugo and Gau

Elders Tukukino, Ford and Delmege

Elders Wilde, Fausett and Boice

This group entered the mission together.

This group arrived in the mission just days after President.

Three of these wonderful Elders have completed their missions.

August Zone Leader Council:

Elders Hugo, Vilchis, Batis and Healey

Elders Rice, Cardoso, Ford, Tukukino, and Lee

Elders Lythgoe, Wycoff, Fausett, Hayward, and Cardoso

Elders Wilkes and Tukukino

Elders Healey and Pharis

How’s this for unity – companionships with matching ties.

The Zone Leaders in the Japan Kobe Mission

Pretty good looking group of missionaries…don’t you think?  We are proud of our boys!


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