August Zone Conferences

11 Sep

The week before transfers was Zone Conference time!  We were so happy to be able to get around to see all of the missionaries.  The Area Medical Doctor and the Area Mental Health Advisor joined us this go around.  We are grateful to them for their help in keeping our missionaries healthy.

Matsuyama and Takamatsu Zones:

The couple in the middle has served Zone Conference lunch for longer than we have been here.  President set them apart to serve as temple missionaries in Tokyo the Sunday after this picture was taken.  We will miss their kindness for the missionaries but are so happy for them to have this opportunity to serve a mission!

Okayama and Yonago Zones:

Companionship unity!

Kyoto and Osaka North Zones:

Area Medical Advisor Elder (Doctor) Donahoe doing his job.

Kobe, Akashi and Fukuchiyama Zones:

Oh no!  I didn’t get any random pictures with these zones!

Sakai and Osaka Zones:

This group too!  Oh, well, I did get pictures of the cute cooks!  We are so grateful for the good food that is always served to us.

Aren’t they all beautiful?  We are so very grateful for our dedicated, hard-working missionaries.  True Disciples — One and All!


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