Three New Missionaries

23 Nov

Tuesday we welcomed three new missionaries to our mission.  Two of them come from right here in Japan and one comes from New York.  We are thrilled to have them join us!

A morning run up the mountain to get a panoramic view of Kobe.

Here they are singing while waiting for dinner.  We have so many talented missionaries and love the sound of music.

Kato Choro joined the church just 14 months ago!

Matsumoto Choro graduated with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree before coming to Kobe.

Asai Choro grew up in New York City, but speaks fluent Japanese.

Here they are waiting to meet their trainers.

Elder Kato and Elder Aono

Elder Asai and Elder Minamikawa

Elder Jou and Elder Matsumoto

We are finally getting more native Japanese elders.  Our numbers went down for a while, but they seem to be on the increase again.  We love and need as many Japanese elders and sisters as we can get.  We love these three already.


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