Little Kiddies and School Children

2 Feb

Some preschool children on a walk in their monster strollers.  I think it is so cute.  They always have matching hats!



How adorable are these little kindergarteners in their matching uniforms.


They put one arm up as they cross the street.  It’s suppose to make them pay special attention while crossing.


Don’t you love the uniforms with matching bags, water bottles, and umbrellas?  Oh, by the way, these backpacks cost about $200.00!  (And they are heavy, too!)



Many times we see an older child leading younger children as they walk to school.  They always walk single file.  I am reminded of a mother duck and her ducklings!  (It must be the yellow hats!)



I couldn’t pass this one up.  This darling girl with matching bike and backpack on her way to school.


We love driving though the city in the morning as the children are heading to school.


One Response to “Little Kiddies and School Children”

  1. Dallas Meyers February 3, 2013 at 9:34 pm #

    It is a delight to see these pictures of life in Japan. The little children are so precious. It is evident that they are very loved by their parents, and we know that they are cherished by our Father in Heaven. Thank you for sharing your photographs and insights, and giving us a glimpse of what our missionaries see as they go into the world each day to share the message of the Restored Gospel with the wonderful people of Japan. –Sister Dallas Meyers, mother of Elder Joseph K. Meyers

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