A Day Late, But They’re Here!

16 Feb

This past week we had our new missionaries arrive!  We always look forward to this time.  Normally they leave the MTC on Monday morning and arrive here Tuesday evening after which we return home, have dinner and look forward to training and interviews on Wednesday.  But Monday we noticed there was a mistake made with our group and they were not leaving the MTC until Tuesday and arriving here Wednesday.  What a scramble!  We had to rearrange our training schedule.  The missionaries were all such good sports.  They arrived Wednesday evening very jet-lagged but stayed awake for training that night.  They had to arise very early Thursday morning to begin training at 6:30 am.  Breakfast in a bag during the meeting was the only way to go!  By 11:00 am their trainers were here and they were set to meet.

We felt so bad on Tuesday as we were all ready for them but had to wait another day.  And we could only think that they were wondering why they weren’t traveling with the missionaries heading to other missions.  We hope they know that it wasn’t because we didn’t want them yet!  We wanted them more than ever… and we are glad that they are here!

The airport pictures aren’t the best, but it is still fun to see them coming around the corner with all of their bags!





We were able to quickly find time to sign the True Disciple Quilt.  This is always a special time for us!  We love that they have a desire to be True Disciples – One and All!  (In Japanese, Makoto no Deshi – Hitori to Mina)

Papenfuss Shimai

Sister Papenfuss

Uryu Shimai

Sister Uryu

Casper Choro

Elder Casper

Onizuka Choro

Elder Onizuka

Elder King

Elder King

Elder Yoshida

Elder Yoshida

Posing with their new companions…

Sisters Uryu and Kubo

Sisters Uryu and Kubo

Sisters Papenfuss and Hansen

Sisters Papenfuss and Hansen

Elders Casper and Waterbury

Elders Casper and Waterbury

Elders Lythgoe and King

Elders Lythgoe and King

Elders Kato and Onizuka

Elders Kato and Onizuka

Elders Batis and Yoshida

Elders Batis and Yoshida

And getting to know each other a bit…






President and the Assistants training the new companionships.

They are all now settled into their new areas, and the work begins again!


One Response to “A Day Late, But They’re Here!”

  1. Barbara Bell February 16, 2013 at 2:33 pm #

    Hi Janna, How are you!? I wanted to tell you that my very best, best friend from childhood’s son is coming to your mission in a few weeks! I was SO excited when she told me he’d been called to Kobe! Anyway, it’s Ryan Hutchison, and he comes from a wonderful family!

    We miss you guys and keep up with you through the blog and when we see Blake and Dana 🙂

    All the best! Barbara Bell

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